menuPreparing and serving of food inside of your premises

Our team of professional chefs comes into your premises, brings all necessary equipment, and on-site prepares meals with carefully selected ingredients.

By this way of organizing of catering we guarantee fresh, healthy and very tasty meal, available for consuming soon after preparing.

We offer several different dishes with lots of side dishes, sorted by nutrition value, taste and individual needs of employees. We serve prepared meals according to your working schedule.

menuCarrying and serving of food prepared in our cooking facilities

Professional chefs prepare food in our kitchens which meet HACCP standard. Soon after preparation process is finished, will be carefully packed into the thermal blocks and transported to your company where it will be served to employees within agreed timeframes by our courteous staff.

Complete organization and adaptation of space specified for serving food is done by us - installment of lines for food service, including complete inventory.

We prepare wide range of delicious meals using only fresh foodstuff, so we can satisfy every taste of our clients.