In the framework of the existing corporation "PAN" from Šabac, which includes a chain of bakeries all around the Republic of Serbia, in 2013 catering organization "Priča" was founded. It is located  in Nova Pazova. Based on the expressed entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm and years of experience of young and talented people, significant results were achieved in the field of providing high quality food and service, constructing distinctive visual identity and establishing of successful cooperation with large business systems.

The primary activity of the "Priča" catering concerns the catering business and cooperation with big businesses in terms of servicing employees on a daily basis. From the standpoint of the quality of food and service, focus of team members of "Priča" catering on the needs and requirements of clients represents the foundation of business policy and key to long-term cooperation with customers.

The distinctive, high level quality of food and services largely reflects the key features of "Priča" catering. In cooperation with experienced nutritionists it was designed offer with more than 200 meals of different nutritional value and sophisticated blend of colors, flavors and fragrances in order to meet diverse needs and requirements of clients. In accordance with specific requirements of clients, there is a possibility of food preparation at the location of customers (if there are the right conditions for it) or the provision of food in specialized packagings within the agreed timeframes.

Confirmation of successful and socially responsible business of "Priča" catering relates to the implementation of HACCP standard,  modern requirements of working environment and high level of training and complaisance of human resources as the main driving force of the organization.

Customers' satisfaction always comes first.